Work Package 2.2



Description of the work package 2.2 :​ The WP 2.2 Leader

The objectives are to develop a pedagogical model for the delivery of the new or updated courses that will have four characteristics a) Focus on how sustainable water management while considering climate change impacts, b) incorporate enterprises in the courses and c) teach innovative technologies and methods in regard to water management and d) adopt new educational approaches based on EU countries. This will be done firstly by selecting the scientific and pedagogical approaches, methods and tools (e.g. models, office or field equipment) used in Water Management in the EU (WP 1.1) that could be adopted in Eastern Mediterranean and will to be incorporated in the new courses. Next the Key Competencies will be defied based on WP1.1 (surveys and reviews) and feedback from the Network (WP2.1). The new or updated courses or will also be finalized along with the produced learning material, adjusting the content, structure and delivery based on feedback from WP1.1 (surveys and reviews) and the Network that will allow establishing the teaching approach and communication and work method suitable for the region. Currently we are considering courses such as: a) Integrated Water Resources Management, b) Dry land Eco-hydrology, c) Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Ecosystems in Water Scarce Regions, d) Climate change and Vegetative alterations under water scarcity conditions e) Hydrogeology for Water-Limited Environments, f) Climate Change Implication on Water Resources, g) Water Economics, Policy and Trans boundary Watersheds, h) Water Quality, Reuse and Recycling for Water-Limited Environments, i) Water-Food Security Nexus, and j) New Tools and Methods for Sustainable Water Management, k) Water Field Measurements, ) Water Seminars (with Enterprises presenting),  and m) Water Enterprise Internships. These courses could be included in already pre-existing (Bachelor or Master programs) or lead to the development of a new program (this will depend on the partner university pre-existing programs and future needs). Finally these will translated in the native language of the partner countries.

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Activities of WP2.2: ​Time Frame: Aug, 2019 to Nov,  2020

2.2.1. Innovative Education Approaches Tools and Methods

2.2.2. Key Competencies and New or Updated Courses

2.2.3. Translation of Competencies and Courses

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