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Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK)


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Dr. Khayat is a Hydro-chemist and Isotopes Hydrologist. He has got his PhD. from the Faculty of Engineer in the Technical University of Karlsruhe in Germany in 2005. He has worked several years at Helmoholty Centre for Environmental Research as Post Doc., and guest researcher on many national and international research projects in the field of integrated water resources management in arid and semi-arid regions. During his prevous works Dr. Khayat published several articles in international refereed journals, and book chapter.


Jordan University of Science and Technology


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Fahmi Abu Al-Rub, Professor of chemical and biochemical engineering, former Dean of Research at JUST and Key Expert at the EMUNI University-Slovenia. Prof. Abu Al-Rub is/was partner in 22 EU projects (2 ENPI, 4 TEMPUS Projects, and 16 Erasmus+), and one NSF, three USAID, and one FAO project, with a total budget exceeding 30,000,000 EURO. Prof. Abu Al-Rub was the key expert and coordinator to establish the first Master's Program in the World on De-Pollution of the Mediterranean that was supposed to be hosted by three European Universities. Prof. He is the coordinator of INVENT – PROMOTION OF INNOVATION CULTURE IN THE HIGHER EDUCATION IN JORDAN, and FOODQA - FOSTERING ACADEMIA-INDUSTRY COLLABORATION IN FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY; Erasmus+ Projects, and he was the local coordinator for the “NETKITE” project; an ENPI project, that aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among young researchers in Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Tunisia. Abu Al-Rub has reformed the Deanship of Research at JUST to establish the TTO and externally funded office to manage and secure external funds. He has active research in Environment, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, and Wastewater Treatment.  He has more than 85 publications on Environment, and Wastewater Treatment, and renewable energy. Prof. Abu Al-Rub received in 2016, the King Abduallah the Second Award in Innovation, and Abdel-Hameed Shoman Award for Young Arab Researchers 2001.


Technologiko Ekpedeftiko Idrima Anatolikis Makedonias kai Thrakis (EMaTTech)


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​Dr. George N. Zaimes is an Assistant Professor that specializes in the management of mountainous waters and riparian areas and geomorphology at the Department of Forestry and Natural Environment Management of EMaTTech. He received his PhD in Water Resources from Iowa State University, Ames, USA. His main research interests are riparian areas management, conservation and restoration, watershed and stream management and restoration,  ydrogeomorphology and hydrology. Currently he is the Deputy Chair of the UNESCO CHAIR Con-E-Ect on the Conservation and Ecotourism of Riparian and Deltaic Ecosystems that is hosted at EMaTTech and the Deputy Director of the MSc Program “Man & Water” that is under the auspices of UNESCO. He has been managing national and international projects for more than 15 years, such as ERASMUS, Black Sea Programme, ARSTEIA. Finally, he has been the author of several book chapters and many publications in scientific journals and proceedings (more than 100).




The Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies (ACWFS)


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Ben Sonneveld (1957) is deputy director of the Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies (ACWFS)  of the VU University Amsterdam. He holds a msc from Wageningen University, Netherlands, with majors in tropical crop science, soil science and plant physiology. He worked from 1985 to 1987 in Indonesia for the International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement and from 1987 to 1992 for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in land and water development projects in Latin America. In 1992 he joined the VU University where he has been involved in food security projects in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Benin, Jordan River Basin, Palestinian Territories and Senegal. For his PhD, he received the AIID/World Bank Thesis Award. Sonneveld publishes in leading natural resource management and ecological economic journals. A central topic of his research is the modelling of the impact of land and water degradation on agricultural production and eco-services.


Al Quds University (AQU)

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Prof.   Amer  Marei (Sawalha) received his B.Sc and M.Sc in Geology and Mineralogy from Jordan University-Amman and received his Ph.D. in Hydro-geochemistry in 1993 from University of Muenster-Germany.  Since 1996 he worked at AQU and he is the co-founder of the Earth and Environmental Science Department with it is undergraduate and graduate programs.  His research fields related to hydrochemistry, isotope hydrogeology, and agriculture. Prof. Sawalha supervised more than 30 master students, who conducted their research in the Water and Environmental Research Laboratory.  Prof Sawalha received numerous funds from USAID, EU, DFG, BMfBF, SIDA, and from Netherlands Ministry of Foreign  Affairs. In addition to his scientific publication in the field of groundwater, and environment, he was the Vice President for Academic Affairs for 3 years.  Since four years he established and lead the Quality Assurance Unit at AQU. His scientific work related to the sustainable development of natural resources (water, soil, agriculture), and environment management.  Prof. Sawalha is a strong believer that education/ scientific research, mutual cooperation, and cultural respect between scientists/young generation within the Mediterranean Basin can avoid misunderstanding and for-judgment between the nations.


University of Jordan


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The University of Jordan (UJ), which was founded in 1962, has grown to become Jordan’s largest and leading university excelling in pedagogy, research, and innovation and advancing in global standing, it has offered a wide choice of academic programs for students who can choose from more than 250 Programs from 24 schools in various disciplines. UJ offers 94 bachelors in different programs. At graduate level, UJ provides 38 doctoral Programs, which represent more than 50% of doctoral programs in Jordan, and 111 master programs, which represent about 25% of master programs in Jordan, 16 higher specialization programs in medicine and one in dentistry, and 3 diploma programs.   Since its foundation, the number of UJ graduates have exceeded 200,000 graduates around the world, and UJ’s employment reputation is 267 worldwide according to QS World Universities Ranking 2018. UJ is not only looking to reach the highest level of excellence, but it is also trying to apply the principles of total quality management and to use the latest information technologies in its programs and strategies. The University of Jordan has achieved advanced positions in various international rankings: UJ is one of the best 600 Universities worldwide, one of the best 10 Arab universities, and it has recently achieved 4 stars according to QS. In addition, UJ has gained many international accreditations for its programs, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, rehabilitation and other disciplines.


The Open University of Cyprus

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Professor of Environmental Conservation at the Open University of Cyprus (OUC). Before coming to OUC I held positions and developed research and teaching activities at the Universities of Reading (England), Cagliari (Italy) and Ioannina (Greece) and has been consultant to international organisations such as CIHEAM- MAICh, UNEP PAP / RAC and UNIDO. I am a member of BES, IALE, RGS, and IAVS. My research interests include the biogeography of and landscape processes in Mediterranean islands and mountains, the use of geospatial tools on species, habitats and ecosystem services analysis, landscape ecology and landscape evaluation, and systematic conservation planning. My research has been funded by the EC 6th and 7th FP, H2020, LIFE+, INTERREG, ENPI-CBCMED programmes and Ministries and Government agencies Cyprus and the UK


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)


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MARTÍN C. GIMÉNEZ. Ph.D., Forest Engineer, Martin C. Gimenez, Forest Engineer since 2001 graduated from the National University of Patagonia (Argentina). From the beginning of his career has focused their research on the study and estimation of water erosion rates in mountain watersheds, through the application of parametric models and GIS.

In 2008 obtained his Ph.D. in Forestry Management from the Technical Univ. of Madrid through a grant given by AECID and Santander Bank. His thesis was focus on the study of topographic parameters affecting water erosion estimations using GIS. Currently, alternates his professional activity with the development and managing of European projects focused on higher education and environment.


Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT)


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Walid A. Salameh is a professor of Computer Engineering at Princess Sumaya University [PSUT], he worked as a former dean for Engineering, IT, Scientific Research and Graduate Study deanship since 2005. He was the former vice president for academic affairs at PSUT. Professor Salameh has published more than 65 articles and books in a well know journals, some of his published books are used as text books in Computer Networks. He worked a s a senior consultant at the Ministry of Education, Justice, and Social affairs in Jordan and worked as a team leader in many places in at the ICT sector. He was a member at the Jordanian Research Fund Committee at the MoHE. He worked as a consultant with USAID, World Bank and other international organizations. Professor Salameh is a coordinator for three giant European project led by PSUT with a budget exceeds 4.00 million Euros and a contact person for more than 15 other projects with a budget more than 1.50 million Euros. These projects vary from structural to nonstructural ones. Professor Salameh was a member at the national agenda of HR at the ICT sector and a member at nine international editorial board. He has headed different committees at the accreditation commission in Jordan. Prof. Salameh was involved heavily in the process of accreditation at PSUT like ABET and other schools. He has been in charge of drafting the self-assessment report for the ASIIN and EFQM . He is the national coordinator for the “On-line Quality Assurance and EUR-ACE Accreditation of Engineering Programmes in Mediterranean-MEDACCR-European project “and other many EU-projects. Prof. Salameh has been awarded from Hisham Hijjawi Foundation at the ICT sector, AL Hassan Ben Talal Best Achievement, State Award. He has drafted many IP in States


Palestinian Water Authority – (PWA)


Contact Person

Subhi Samhan; PhD in Natural Science from Martine Luther University, Halle Wittenberg Institute for Geosciences, Germany. 2013. Working as Director of Research and Development at Palestinian Water Authority since 1997 and represent PWA.

Samhan is national focal point for:

  1. National focal point for Sustainable Management of Available Water Resource with Innovative Technologies (SMART).

  2. Building Capacity and Institutional Reform for and Integrated Management of Water and Sanitation services in Rural Communities,  2009-2013, funded by Austrian

  3. Palestinian-Dutch Academic Cooperation Program in Water (PADUCO) 2013-2020Represent Palestinian Water Authority in Technical Advisory Committee

  1. Sustainable domestic Water Use in Mediterranean Regions project SWMED projects.

  2. Academic focal point for Austrian and Middle East Desalination Reseach Center (MEDRC) projects.

  3. Represent the Palestinian Water Authority in Innovative processes and practices for wastewater treatment and re-use in the Mediterranean region "INNOVA-MED, during 2007-2010. Funded by EU,


Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF)


Contact Person

Mohammad Al-Ahmad is the General Manager at MONOJO Company since 2017. He has her BSc in Business Administration from Palestine in 2009. Beside his bachelor degree in business administration, Al-Ahmad holds another bachelor degree in civil engineering from Philadelphia University in 2015.

He has joined ASRF since 2015 as a project manager his responsible in planning, implementing and finalizing the projects and activities.

During his work at ASRF & MONOJO He has coordinated and participated as a partner in more than 5 projects.


Creative Thinking Development (CRE.THI.DEV)


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Maya Dimitriadou holds a BSc in Biology from National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. Since 2012 she is a member of CRE.THI.DEV, where she has worked in many ERASMUS PLUS projects.  She mainly organizes and implements the Quality Assurance issues of the projects.

Before that, she has worked in ELKEDE, Technology & Design Centre for 20 years. During this period, she participated in SPRINT projects for Clean Technologies and for Quality Assurance in the Industry as well as in the development of Quality Systems in SMEs. She has been Quality Manager of the Accredited Quality Control Laboratory of ELKEDE for more than ten years.


Hydro-Engineering Consultancy (HEC)


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​Dr. Muath Abu Sadah is a General Director of Hydo-Engineering Consultancy (HEC). Dr. Abu Sadah has a PhD in Groundwater Modeling. He was a key expert in a number of water and environmental research and development Projects in Palestine and the region. The extensive experience (over 23 years) of Dr. AbuSadah covers groundwater flow and pollution transport modeling, Surface water modeling, GIS and hydro-
informatics, integrated water resources management and planning, hydrological and hydrogeological monitoring and climate change.