The WaSec project is dealing with cross-cutting issues between climate change problems and sustainable water development in Jordan and Palestine, by establishing a new academic program that based on new teaching methods and a modernized curriculum that adopts innovative water management systems from EU countries and utilizes their experience. Innovative education system is based on a distance learning process and the goal is bridge the gap between what is being taught in the water department at the universities in the Middle East and the meet actual needs of the water resources market along with the stakeholders' water management priorities. The EU experience in distance education and water innovation is benefit the JO and PA partners to train and educate the local water experts in water enterprises, to have the necessary knowledge and tools to manage for the climate change and water scarcity problems in their region.

Main Project Results

·       Modern, international, flexible and adaptive knowledge domains with relevant materials have been developed in cooperation of HEI with enterprises.

·       Strong relation with local and international water related enterprises, through the establishment of the Water network.

·       Online learning system through the Virtual learning platform (VLP) has been developed. Internationalization of water education, through hosting 

         international lecturer using the VLP.

·        Inclusion of marginal groups (females, and rural)

Contact Information Project Coordinator

Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie

P. O. Box Tulkarem – Jaffa Street 7

Tel: +970 92688199

Fax:+970 92677922

Email: info@ptuk.edu.ps

WaSec Email: wasec.project@gmail.com