Work Package 4.2


Description of the work package 4.2:​The Work Package Leader
​The main aims of this WP is to identify potential universities, and enterprises that would have an interest in adopting or contributing to the development of the courses and convinced them of the benefits of the courses approaches and objectives. In addition the goal is to transfer the project outcomes (course learning material and teaching approaches) to other universities and stakeholders of other Mediterranean areas. Finally the feasibility and interest of the new courses will be tested by other university personnel, enterprise employees in order to evaluate how suitable and attractive the course are to be adopted by other potential users of the Eastern Mediterranean.  
Activities of WP4.2: ​Time Frame: May,2019 to Nov,2020

4.2.1. Exploitation Plan

4.2.2. Potential Beneficiary University and Enterprises List

4.2.3. Tuning workshop

4.2.4. Tester course workshops

Check the below link for WP4.2 Deliverables: