Work Package 2.1


​Description of the work package 1:
​The WP Leader
​The objectives are to establish strong and last lasting cooperation between universities and enterprises. These type of cooperation will help universities better understand what the expertise and qualifications for their students in water resources management should be in order to succeed and get hired once graduating. Another goal is to understand what steps and tools need to be implemented in order to further advance the adoption of sustainable water management in the Eastern Mediterranean. Finally emphasis will be given on climate change implication on water management.
Activities of WP1.1: ​Time Frame: April, 2019 to May, 2021

2.1.1. List of Potential Collaborating Enterprises

2.1.2. Water Network

2.1.3. Establish Cooperation and Agreements

2.1.4. Water Management Priorities

Check the below link for WP2.1 Deliverables: