Welcome to WaSec Project Water is the most valuable resource in the Middle East. The climate change impacts in the region require the new generation of water managers to learn and utilize new and innovative methods and techniques to achieve sustainability. In addition, there is a significant gap between the learning skills of graduates from the HEIs and the skills that what the enterprises require. To close this gap needs new teaching approaches, up to date course competences based on feedback of water related sector. Therefore, WaSec Project is about the know how to conserve and eliminate the waste of water while considering potential climate change impacts, to enhance water resources management plans new innovative tools and methods need to be used.

The main purpose of WaSec is to reform the current water related programs and/or create new one, through establishing and implementing a new innovative teaching tool, parallel with development of modernize state-of-art and life example learning material for the water resources development sector, that are based on strong cooperation between companies and HEIs, taking into consideration potential climate change impacts, while utilizing the adaptive learning and teaching methods.
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