The purpose of this project is to bring together and strengthen the cooperation between companies and HEIs through the development of courses in Water Resources Management, while taking into consideration potential climate change impacts, with adaptive learning and teaching methods. HEIs are not highly engaged to the larger society that can lead to graduates less desirable by enterprises and companies.
This can be alleviated by establishing truly collaborative relationship between HEIs and enterprises. This is one of the purposes of establishing the Water Network. The enterprise involvement in the course should be active and proactive. WaSec will also strengthen the collaboration among the countries of the region by providing courses that could be adopted and implemented by all the courtiers of the region. Students from different countries of the region will have the chance to interact with each other through the virtual courses.

The courses with utilize new learning methods and pedagogical approaches that would intrigue the interest of younger generations. Finally, the ability to practice distance-learning will assist students, particularly from rural areas of the region.