News - WaSec Final Conference
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WaSec Final Conference

An International Conference was organized by Jordan University of Science and technology. All institutions of the
region relevant to water management were invited to participate (including other HEIs)  The focal
point was the implementation of Sustainable water management in the region to help water security and the socio-economic development of the region. Another important aspect was introducing the new courses. Finally,
presentations of other relevant projects were conducted.
Specifically, Fahmi Abu Al-Rub, JUST and Saed Khayat Project Coordinator provided a small overview of the WaSec
project. George Zaimes, IHU continued with presentation “WaSec Project: Objectives, and Tangible
Outcomes” that provided in detail the many accomplishments of the WaSec Project. Afterwards a
short video of the WaSec Project was also presented. Saed Khayat, PTUK presented “Higher Education in Post Pandemic Contingent Digital Transformation/ WaSec as a case study” that presented how the WaSec project innovative elements and character. Finally, Cornelia van Wesenbeeck, VU presented one of the courses in detail specifically “Water policy and governance in transboundary basins”.