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Short training workshop on Climate Change and water sustainability

Within the framework of WaSec-ERASMUS project activities.

A short training workshop on Climate Change and Water sustainability has been conducted on Tuesday 15th of June 2021 with 45 participants from Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Greece, Cyprus, and Spain.
The workshop organized in cooperation with the University of Jordan, by Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh and his team.
Prof. Saed Khayat, from Palestine Technical University Kadoorie-Tulkarm, and the WaSec project coordinator presenting the aim of the project and the innovative teaching tools in Water Education, demonstrating the project's virtual learning platform, teaching methodology, blended learning system, taking Climate Change and Water sustainability course as an example.
Prof. Amer Marei from Al-Quds University present the impact of climate change on the Palestinian Water resources and show a live case study for the remediation process using Managed Aquifer Recharge MAR technique in Wadi Faria in the Northern part of the West Bank.
Dr. George Zaimes from International Hellenic University in Greece presents major impacts of Climate change on the Ecosystems and water resources in the Eastern Mediterranean countries, providing a quick review on the new techniques used to cope with the climate change consequences on the enviro and natural resources.
Long discussion about the climate change impacts, potential remediation measures has been undergone, where a lot of questions have been asked by students, engineers, and specialists from stakeholders and academic institutions.
The workshop was the second training of several training and educational workshops in the field of Water, that will be implemented during the WaSec project life cycle

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