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As Unique academic experience in the region: the official opening of innovative educational labs co-funded by Erasmus Plus EU project.

Palestine, Tulkarem

An official opening for innovative virtual learning laboratories took place at Palestine University Khadouri Tulkarm in synchronisation with Al Quds Abu Dis University, under the activities run by WaSec ERASMUS Plus project; which is coordinated by PTUK.

The event took place in the presence of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Saed Malak, the Director of the national of Erasmus Plus Office in Palestine; Dr. Nidal Al-Jayyousi, and Prof. Dr. Saed Khayyat, WaSec project coordinator, in addition to a delegation from the Palestinian Water Authority and project partners from Palestine, Jordan and European countries. 


Prof. Saed Malak, The Vice President of the PTUK University, welcomed the attendees and thanked Dr. Nidal Al-Jayyousi for his continuous support for the university in the framework of the Erasmus Plus projects.

Prof. Mallak announced in his opening speech the launching of the first regional cooperative academic master program in the field of water sciences with the generous support from the European Union through Erasmus Plus programme.

He explained that this program is the first and the only one by its nature in terms of its academic exchange and technology transfer between EU and Palestine, in addition to the full partnership with the local, regional and EU enterprises. 

Dr. Jayyousi during his speech appreciated the efforts exerted by the project partner to build this unique program and explore this academic experience which he considered the best practice of achievement out of WaSec process. He emphasized on the continuous support by the national Erasmus Plus office for any project that shows good potential to develop and support the innovative educational experience in our local universities that open the door for further cooperation with the EU universities to exchange the knowledge and transfer the technologies specially in the vital sector of water.

Professor Saed Khayyat explained that the new WaSec program considered a program with a dynamic nature that depends on designing educational materials based on the feedback from local and global industrial and enterprise sectors.

After that, Prof. Dr. Khayyat presented the achievements of the various projects working packages in front of the Erasmus Plus office delegation, where the academic VLP portal, with its material and educational material, that had been developed within the past two years of the project life. Students from Jordan University of Science and technology just have also participated and express their satisfaction about the unique experience in the program and the extent of their appreciation for the mechanism by which the education process takes place, and the evaluation mechanisms that depend on the presentation of live water problems and methods of involving them in an innovative manner.

During the meeting, the achievements of the European partners and their contribution to the success of this unique experiment in the field of education were discussed.