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The first Collaborative Water Master Program in The East Mediterranean Region
Sponsored and supported by ERASMUS plus: The first Collaborative Water Master program in the east Mediterranean region has been accredited:
As the first product of joint team work, WaSec Joint Master program in Water Sciences Innovations has been accredited by the Palestinian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC).
The program, which has been designed through WaSec project co-funded by EU through ERASMUS Plus program, and prepared jointly by WaSec partners teamwork, is the first and unique water Master program that take into account both, the local needs and international European standards for innovative educational tools. Continuous feedback from WaSec neighborhood network which includes members from stakeholders and enterprises in EU, Palestine and Jordan will continuously update the running courses with the new skills and competencies that needed to be acquired by the program graduates, in a way that they can easily meet the local market needs and enhancing the socioeconomic situation through new innovative solutions for Water problems and creation of resilience environment against climate change.
WaSec aims to teach new technologies and methods to students that incorporate them in water resources management plans and that eventually will be adopted in the water relevant organizations and businesses. Another major concerns are the many different services that water can offer. This, in many cases can lead to conflict among the stakeholders, making water management a very difficult.

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